7 Schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Nigeria

7 Schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Nigeria: Education is the bedrock of any country and moving to educate citizens is one of the great achievements of any country.

It is important to invest the education of the citizens so as to liberate them from poverty and enhance development.

The Gboko local government area of Benue state, Nigeria is one of the oldest cities in the state and the education of her indigenes are not taken for granted.

Many families and villages encourage their children to go to school by enrolling them in schools nearby and some, a distance away.

The ideal type of education depends on the resources available to both government and parents. If there is enough revenue, government will build more schools, with adequate facilities such as laboratories, library, ICT, game pitches and classroom blocks to accommodate plenty people.

There are a lot of secondary schools in Gboko, but this article tries to bring to light the eight (8) best secondary schools in terms of quality of education, environment, achievement, facilities and recognitions.

1. Government secondary school Gboko

The Government secondary school Gboko is one of the oldest schools in Gboko with proven records of academic excellence. It’s situated on Mkar road. It is a co-educational school with both boarding and day sessions.

The school is one of the leading coeducational schools, wining state (Milo competition) and international accolades.

With its motto as success, strength and perseverance is indeed the guiding principles of the school. The students show this prowess and this makes them standout as individuals and as a school.

 7 Schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Contd

2. CDM Academic international school, Gboko

This school is a private Christian institution located on Akuhwa Gong Estate, Mkar, Gboko. The school tries to blend international best practice in coeducational setting. The serene environment, beauty, modern facilities, and socio-cultural activities.

Additionally, CDM which stands for Christian, Discipleship and Mission, is born to cater for the need of young children whose parents believe in discipleship and excellence and this equally forms the motto of the school.

The need for spiritual and academic growth of the students is of great importance to the founders of the school.

The curriculum is both of national and international and these helps the students to excel in SAT, TOEFL, WAEC, NECO, JAMB, etc.

Parents are proud of their children performances and equally advertise the school to other parents to register their wards in the school too.

3. Federal Government Girls School, Gboko

The federal ministry of Educations also establishes schools for girls. The school is along the General hospital road, Gboko in Benue state, Nigeria.

When parents choose not to have a mixed school setting for their girl child, then, federal Government Girls School, Gboko is the best plug.

Excellence is the watch word here, and parents are proud taking their children to the school because7 Schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Nigeria of the performance outcome each year.


Every girl child tries to improve in academic, moral, spiritual and social-curriculum. No wonder the schools has won several awards in Science, sports and other competitions within and without the state.

In terms of ICT, the school has come of age. With latest computer science laboratory, students are able to abreast themselves with current news, technological advancement and use of computer to solve daily problems as also know what invention there is and how to independently use computer for every day need.

7 Schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Contd

Also, the school has art class, vocational like sewing, baking, cooking, band, iconic robotic team and other skill acquisitions platforms for the girls.

4. Noble Gate Schools

This school is among the fast growing and academically sound schools with records of academic and moral performances. It is situated behind Zaki Mnenge Buter’s residence Tom Atar, Gboko.

With the quest of providing excellent and quality education, the school is among the leading schools in Gboko in terms of educational performances and skills.

The motto which is Education to enable and ennoble is practically a captivating caption and the school lives to its name. When you count performing schools in terms of successes in both national and international examinations, quiz and competitions, Noble Gate schools is among the very best.

The school has a well-equipped science laboratory, library, ICT laboratory and skills acquisitions centre to meet the need of both modern, traditional and conventional education.

5. N.K.S.T College

The NKST church are among the indigenous churches that establish schools for their worshiping communities.

The schools are characterized by Christian upbringing, as well as academic, moral and ethical. The school

With the motto, in the service of God and fellowmen, the school tends to inculcate spirituality, discipline, and moral ethics, while looking up to God and being accountable to man.

The church wants her members to be educated to liberate them from illiteracy and shows more commitment to research, innovation, creativity, growth and development.

Ideally, the students learn fast and the school has a proven records of academic excellence.

With the establishment of sophisticated facilities in technology, laboratory, socio-cultural and innovation, students love to be creative and use the available facilities to develop themselves.

7 Schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Contd

No wonder they perform excellently well in national examinations such as NECO, WAEC and BECE, and international examinations like TOEFL, and SAT.

Parents are always happy with the ways their wards are bringing glory home. It’s joyous to share such news with neighbours, family and friends.

6. Queen of the Rosary Secondary School, Gboko 

This is a Roman Catholic school started in 1958 that cater for the educational needs of both their worshipping community and other denominations that want their wards or children to go to the school. It’s about 936 metres from the Bristow roundabout, Gboko, Benue state.

Furthermore, girl child education is paramount to every country. Nigeria in particular needs more women education because the ratio of educated women is low compared to men’s.

Generally, the gross domestic product (GDP) is increased when many people are working and generating income for the country.

The skill is now for every woman to improve her wellbeing and the growth of the country.

The first set only admitted 24 girls in January 1963. The students participate in Catholic common entrance, and other activities such as art festival, cultural competition, Choral competition, and quiz in the state. The school is also excellent in JETS, mathematics, essay writing, French and other competitions.

In addition, the school has facilities such as ICT laboratory, science and art laboratories, library and beautiful classroom blocks.

More so, the school has won over 30 awards and has 94 qualified teachers, and improving every time. The welfare of the teachers is something that motivates them to work professionally and with passion.

The girl child needs moral, principles and ethics to excel, therefore, Queen of the Rosary is a place to get these virtues.

Great schools around Gboko LGA, Benue State, Contd

7. Fly excellent International Schools, Gboko

The Fly Excellent International Schools is a private institution situated in Excellent Close, GRA, Gboko, Benue State, Nigeria.

The school is both primary and secondary sections and it wants to expand to accommodate a College of Sciences and Health Technology, which is awaiting accreditation from National Board for Technical Education (NBTE).

It will establish Excellent College of Sciences and Health Technology with courses such as Community Health, Health Information Management and Computer Science.

The school offers holistic education for students. The staff and students are responsible to the Proprietor, Mr. Gideon Gbaden Amah.

The proprietor is charged with the general direction of the conduct and curriculum of the school. The curriculum houses national and international issues and graduates are equipped with the knowledge to represent the country anywhere in the world.

Final thoughts

When quality education is a priority in Gboko local government area of Benue state, the 7 schools around Gboko LGA, Benue state, Nigeria are the ones to choose from. It is important to consider distance, proximity to transportation system, quality of staff and tutor fees when considering any of the schools. The best is yet to come when you choose the best school for your children.

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