How to open a padlock: Different ways to do it

How to open a padlock: Different ways to do it:There are times when you lost your key to your lock and begin to wonder how to get access into your home, office or business premises.

Before getting a spare and it is not coming in handy, there are ways you can gain access to your apartment, kitchen or other places without waiting to look for a spare key.

Here, I am going to show you how you can break or open a lock in different easy ways.

Step 1

Open a lock with safety matches

Yes! You heard me right. The match is one of the equipment use in the home to lit up the gas or stove for cooking purpose.

Matches is more than helpful and can be used to open a lock too.

Take out some match sticks and scratch the head of the match sticks which contains the potassium chlorate, mixed with sulfur, some fillers and some glass powder.

When they are enough on a white paper, turn the padlock up sided down and poor the substance into the open place where a key goes in.

Find a slim iron or stick to push enough substance in the open space of the lock.

Thereafter, put a small match stick in that place you pour the substance.

With much safety, use a lighter to lit the match stick.

When the small match stick is lit, quickly move eyes because there will be an explosion.

The fire will mix with the substance and cause an explosion.

With that explosion the lock will automatically open.

Step 2

Another way to open lock is by using a safety pin.

Interestingly, pin can also open a lock.

All you need do is to stretch the end of the pic and fix into the open space under the lock.

Then try to find the nuzzle inside and shift it to open.

How to open a padlock: Different ways to do it

Step 3

Another way is to use sandpaper or razor blade and thoroughly scratch the side of the lock.

You will find some pins arranged in arrays that helps the padlock to completely lock.

Use a sharp knife and object to remove the pins by the side.

Once the pins are removed, the lock will automatically open.

Step 4

Another method is to use two spinners to open a lock.

Yes! You can hold two spinners each fixed and the end of the lock

Mount pressure on the friction and ensure it is firmly attached to the handle of the lock

Move the spinners in opposite direction.

By so doing, the handle will break and give way for the lock to open.

Note: This method is for padlocks only. If you have so important items don’t use the above padlock because it is very easy to break open.    

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