How to Pass Aptitude Test in Nigerian Universities for Direct Entry Students

How to Pass Aptitude Test in Nigerian Universities for Direct Entry Students: Many Nigerian universities set examinations for prospective students to write before gaining admission into the various universities.

This is a norm now and no student can shy away from it.

The Nigerian Universities Commissions (NUC) allows every tertiary institution to conduct the exam to test the ability and capability of prospective students.

Usually cut-off mark differs by university, but the important thing is to let every student pass with a reasonable grade to ensure that they have something upstairs (brain).

No university would want to train a student that does not have basic idea of the field he/she wants to study or general knowledge about the country, environment and happenings around the world.

The 2021 JAMB UTME direct entry form is out and is one sale till May 15th, 2021.

The 2021 JAMB UTME direct entry is handled by unified tertiary and matriculation examination.

The sole aim is to organize how entry examinations are taken, admission given to students in a more organized and reliable manner, quota system and federal character is recognized especially in federal Universities.

There are lots of courses in the university. One needs to go with his or her choice of study. Study what interests you and you have passion for.


People applying to get direct entry in the universities are people with national diplomas (ND), Nigeria college of Education (NCE), certificates and even B.Sc (this ones are recognized for courses over four years or depends on the particular university’s preference).

Get full knowledge of your field of study.

You need to read harder especially if you are changing a course. That is, you have, say, ND in Economics and wants to change to Psychology.

Area of concentration

English language


General knowledge

Current affairs

Tips On How to Pass Aptitude Test in Nigerian Universities for Direct Entry Students

English language: Know basic English rules, concord, part of speech, idioms, verb agreement, etc. Know how to speak good English and express yourself very well.

Mathematics: Most of the courses such as accounting, Mathematics, will require you have basic knowledge of maths.

This quantitative reasoning will help to know or see if you can solve life giving situations in terms of finance administration and world problems such as diversification, inflation, hike in prices of goods, downturn in global economy, global warming, etc.

General knowledge: Have quantitative, qualitative and logical reasoning skills, know about your environment, other courses and fields, etc.

Also, ensure you visit library (state or national) around your area to get acquitted with more knowledge on any subject of your choice.

Create time to read, exercise and eat healthily. This will ensure you have the right mind to read, think and act.

In another development, know what is happening in other countries such as Britain, USA, Germany, Turkey, South Africa, Israel, etc.

Current affairs: Dwell so much on what is happening in your country, Nigeria.

There are lots of information you can get online about Nigeria, you can also enquire from friends working in any ministry you want to get information about.

Others include financial institutions, companies, manufacturing companies, parastatals, state government, etc.

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