How to prepare Egusi soup for a catering business: The frying method

How to prepare Egusi soup for a catering business: The frying method: Egusi soup prepared from melon seeds is a stable soup eaten in most homes in Nigeria.

The soup has great nutritional value and it is good for all ages.

Among many other benefits such as improvement of appetite, skin, digestion, heart health, and contains antioxidant properties, Egusi is sure a thing to behold.

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More so, Egusi can either be prepared as snacks and eaten or as soup to be eaten with starchy food such as Grains (Maize, Guinea corn, rice), cassava and yam flour.

There are different methods of preparing Egusi soup. But in this article, I am going to show you how to prepare delicious Egusi soup using the frying method.

Preparing Egusi soup using the frying method: The Nigerian way.

Ingredients you may need

Meat 1kilo


4 diced tomatoes


Melon seed

Stock fish

Uziza, Okazi, bitter leaves

Pumpkin leaves


Uziza powder


Palm oil


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Step 1

Wash meat thoroughly and boil until it is tender with the addition of little or no water (depending on your choice) and the stock.

Also, wash the fresh fish and bring to cook for 5minis.

Step 2

Thereafter, place a clean pot on fir (medium heat), pour palm oil and heat up.

Add sliced onions and tomatoes and stir until well fried.

Step 3

Grand the dried melon seed (egusi) into powder. Pour the egusi into step 2 and stir very well.

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Pour the meat and stock and continue to stir without letting it burn.

Then, keep stirring and allow to cook for 10mins. Then add more water if you want the soup not to be too thick.

Step 4

Pour the Uziza, Okazi and bitter leaves and allow to cook well.

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Add the grinded pepper, crayfish, Uziza powder and allow to simmer for 20 – 30mins so that the Egusi will cook thoroughly.

Step 5

Add the washed and sliced pumpkin leaves. Stir and cover the pot to cook properly for 3-5mins until the leaves go limp.

Add seasoning of your choice (Maggi, Knor, Ajino, Gino, Master chef, etc) and salt to taste and allow to cook for some time.

Step 6

Egusi soup is ready to serve with any swallow of your choice.     

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