Newest business to do that will blow your mind

Newest business to do that will blow your mind: Business such as making an information product or a course is a way out in this 21st century.

Now, don’t be discouraged by all the thousand-dollar courses and fake gurus and all the hype around online courses.

You can actually put together a low-ticket course over on udemy or Skillshare just sharing knowledge that you have from your daily job or some kind of hobby that you have.

And then putting together a prepackaged easy to follow a step-by-step course that’s only ten or fifteen dollars. And then make huge money.

Here, I really challenge you to sit down and think what are some skills that you have that other people have asked in the past; what are things that you know better than the general public, etc.

Another mind-blowing business is ebates. Ebates is a plugin that you can put on your computer and essentially saves you money by giving you cash back wherever you shop.

However, they have a referral program where if you send someone the link and they signup completely for free to use Ebates as soon as they buy things online.

Now, they’re going to give you $25 for referring them and credits them an additional ten dollars just for signing up through your link.

So essentially this is like small-scale affiliate marketing where you have your referral link and you can send it out to people completely free to join there’s no fee to sign up.

The newest business to do that will blow your mind

We also have YouTube channel. YouTube is all based around value so whatever kind of videos you’re creating whether that’s educational or entertainment videos just make sure that you’re delivering value to people and adding value into their lives.

Creating a youtube channel, you may start to get subscribers by putting out your review videos and answering questions and then you can build off from there.

The way youtube channel will make money passively is what’s called YouTube ad revenue so other companies putting ads on your videos and then you see a split of that money that advertisers paid for that ad on your video.

One thing I want to add into creating a YouTube channel is that to be monetized currently, it takes one thousand subscribers and four thousand watch hours in the last year.

This is another really good one and this is Kindle ebooks. If you can see, there’s kind of a trend on Amazon and that’s because Amazon is big and their marketplace is so powerful.

Essentially, you can turn an information product course into an information product ebook and then upload it through Kindle on the Amazon Marketplace.

On Kindles, you can use the free software to format your text or video into an e-book and then completely for free you can upload that onto the Amazon Marketplace and all of Amazon’s traffic will now be seeing your eBook and again this is completely passive.

Finally, we have Instagram affiliate.  Now, there’s two reasons why this is really good.

First, it’s completely free to do, you don’t have to have a website or anything you can just create the page and start.

Second, because you can use the power of hashtags so even if you don’t have any followers in the beginning when you create posts on your Instagram page, you can use niche hashtags and people in that niche will start to see your posts.

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