Virtual meeting platforms and etiquette: Things to know

Virtual meeting platforms and etiquette: Things to know: The arrival of corona virus pandemic makes public gathering to be minimal.

People now embrace social distancing and people tend to work from home.

Therefore, all the team members are not at work at the same time, even clients cannot come in person at times, but businesses must go on.

Regardless of all these, life continue, meetings must hold, seminars still have to go on to achieve a greater height.

The new normal is now about the consciousness of online/virtual meeting platforms.

Online meeting platforms are in existence before now, but people are not just familiar with them until recent times.

Some examples are Zoom, Google meet, Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, Cisco WebEx, amongst a host of others.

We will be discussing zoom and google meet here.

Virtual meeting platforms and etiquette: Things to know

Characteristics of virtual meeting platforms
There is lots of video conferencing software and choosing the best for your need should be your priority.

The following are the characteristics of virtual meeting platforms needed by businesses:

  • Starting a meeting. This implies the business starting a meeting (also called meeting initiation). Yes! The starting point is the most important characteristic.

This is essential because it allows one to host an online video conference.

  • Screen Sharing. This allows all participants of the meeting to see every thing displayed by the host in his/her computer during a web conference.
  • Recording. This ensures that every talk on the web conference can be recorded to be used in a later date by ability to be able to record your live web conference so that people who did not make it to the meeting may find it useful. It can also serve as a record of what took place.
  • Audio. This is for people who do not have a webcam. The audio tool may also allow them hear what you have to say during a meeting session.
  • Slideshow. A slideshow is a way of organising the information you present during the web meeting for easy comprehension.
  • Private Chat.Private chat is the ability for numerous team members to communicate privately during the main meeting.

This can be useful for answering questions or asking one.

  • Video Conferencing. This feature allows video meeting participants to enable their webcams so that they can see each other during the meeting.

It is very important to know that webcam is the main feature of video conferencing and should be available before the meeting.

  • Technical Support. This entails availability of support when using any virtual meeting apparatus. This is important because every package has a technical issue and to get help is all that it is.

Etiquette for online/virtual meetings within your reach

Etiquette for Zoom meeting

  • It uses video-like device for communication among school mates, colleagues at work, etc. This service is also the same with the one in other social media apps such as Whatsapp, Skype, and Google handout.

The benefits include the capability to chat and make calls during a meeting. it also allows you to set a scheduled meetings in the future.

Etiquette for Google meet

  • Google Meet uses video-like device such as the one used in video conferencing application, which is appropriate for different sizes of businesses.
  • The app allows users to engage in video calls and can work for about 30 users at a time.
  • The application also ensures the users can join meetings that is already scheduled using a meeting’s link and code to gain access.
  • Google Meet always gives the number of total members of the meeting at a time. It usually display a button to join a meeting and provides the option of either muting or turning off the video completely during a meeting session to enable members concentrate without distraction.

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