Preparing Corn pudding (okokoro) in the Nigerian way as a business

Preparing Corn pudding (okokoro) in the Nigerian way as a business: Corn pudding also known as okokoro in Enugu, Nigeria is a delicacy eaten as breakfast, brunch or lunch.

The locals appreciate this meal because of its nutritional value. Every bite of the pudding is a balanced diet.

Many homes and works ensure they get one wrap of okokoro before going to work, school or business areas.

The main ingredient for this delicacy is corn (maize). The nutritional value of corn include vitamin B, essential minerals like zinc, magnesium, copper, iron and manganese.

The plant is reach in fibre content and can help in proper digestion.

Per serving we have 107 calories already, 3g of protein, 24gof carbohydrates, 1g of fat, 3g of fibre and 297mg of sodium.

How to prepare corn pudding is easy. Just follow the simple procuedure.

Ingredients for preparing Corn Pudding (Okokoro)



Paim oil

Seasoning cubes


Pumpkin (or ugwu) leaves

Spring onions

Green and red pepper

Scent leaves

Green beans

Procedure for preparing Corn Pudding

Step 1

Suck corn in water and leave for some hours like 2-3 hours depending on the toughness of the corn.

Grind or blend the corn with a lot of bulb onion into paste.

Pour the corn paste into a big bowl for easy mixing of other ingredients.

Quickly add crayfish to ensure that protein is adequately added to the mixture and stir thoroughly.

Add seasoning cubes of your choice (such as Knorr, maggi or Gino cubes).

It should be enough to give the mixture the flavor it requires.

Step 2

Add palm oil to the mixture and stir very well so that the oil will mix with the corn paste.

Add a bit of salt to taste.

Step 3

Thereafter, add a reasonable quantity of water to the mixture so that it will not be too thick or too watery.

Continue stirring with long wooden spoon or hands.

Step 4

Now, parboil the beans and add to the mixture. Black eyed beans is preferable for this recipe. 

The beans is parboiled because all the mixture put together will undergo another round of cooking.

Step 5

It is time to add the green bean. This is to give the corn paste some colour and nourishment.

After that, the spring onion and pumpkin leaves and scent leaves (optional) are added to the mixture.

Stir very well and proceed to the next stage.

Step 6

Slice or dice carrot into small units and add to the mixture.

Use wooden spoon or you ca use clean hands to stir.

Step 7

After all these, put a pot of water on fire. Wrap the mixture with banana leave.
Same way you wrap moi-moi. This leaves must be washed to remove any sand or dirt from it.

In another vein, you can use moi-moi plastics, or aluminiumfoils to wrap the mixture.

After wrapping up the mixture, put them in the already boiling water on fire and cook.

Cook for 50 mins to 2 hours.

Check if it’s done and bring it down from the fire.

Step 8

Serve when the corn pudding is ready. This recipe is truly nutritional and can be eaten alone or with the combination of rice and stew.

Whatever way you like it, enjoy your meal. You can also prepare it other ways, this article was written specifically on how to prepare it the Nigerian way.

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