Start foodstuff business in Nigeria without stress

Start foodstuff business in Nigeria without stress: There is a lot of businesses to dive into when the white collar jobs are not coming in handy.

People tend to wait for a long time before getting a job when they can equally start something small and become a boss of their own.

That way, they also create jobs for the teaming population of Nigeria.

Therefore, one need to find something small to start with and the one thing that comes to my mind is food stuff business.

It is true that every business has its own advantages and disadvantages, but have you tried something new recently.

Something people do not find lucrative like having a company for fuel, designer clothes, shoes and bags, CEO of high-tech companies, etc.

Don’t worry if you aren’t born with a silver spoon, you can create or manufacture one silver spoon for yourself.

Dive into this business like grains and other food stuff ingredients. We have different grains and other food stuff such as rice, maize, beans, and palm oil.

In this article, we are going to show you how to start the food stuff business without stress using the four items mentioned above – rice, maize, beans and palm oil.

Everyone needs to eat food and the items listed above are among the daily consumption in a typical Nigerian home.

Therefore, there is a market for this food stuff in your community or surrounding.

We need just little capital to start with. Since your capital is not huge, you have to be discipline, focus, hardworking and determine to success. Your saving habit must be apt.

You will again know that every single dime counts and so save a lot.

Plough back your profit into the business until you have gotten enough money to buy in large quantities.

How to start a food stuff business in Nigeria without stress

Start foodstuff business in Nigeria without stress with as little as N30,000 Naira

  • Yes! If not because of the hike in prices, inflation and economy downturn, amount less than N30,000 can start a business.
  • All what you need is to buy cheap grains directly from farmers in villages who are in dire need of money to meet their everyday needs.
  • Get rice, maize, and beans in rubber paint measure and sell in cups or “mudu” around your neighborhood. Don’t spend anything outside the profit. Just keep saving.
  • Thereafter get a pelican rubber of oil. Start with 10 litres. Also sell in small quantities first.

No household prepares food without oil. 

 Again, don’t forget to save. You have to be discipline and intentional about the business. After profits you can migrate to buying of bags. Bags of rice, beans, maize and a 50 litres of palm oil.

Currently, a bag of corn goes for N22,000

Bag of beans N43,000

Bag of rice (50kg) N23,000

Palm oil 20 litres N13,000

Importantly, minimize the number of people you give your produce on credit. The more your food stuff is sold on credit, the more you lose your capital because some may turn out to bad debts.

Unfortunately, irrecoverable debt may mean the end of your little business. Guide your business with all you’ve got. That is the real thing.

In our next article, we will show you how to make huge profit from the sale of food stuff in large quantities and how much to gain if you sale in small quantities.

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