Turn corn stalk to wealth within minutes

Turn corn stalk to wealth within minutes: We are familiar with throwing away the corn stalk or Stover after eating. This is no news. But do you know you can turn it to cash? This is news!

Start gathering your corn raids (stalks) after eating because throwing them away means you’re throwing away millions into the trash.

Interestingly, the stalks cost about $9.99 in the West, which is equivalent to 172.32 South Africa Rand and 4,584.90 Nigeria Naira. 

Wow, that’s a whooping sum of money we throw to the trash in Nigeria and around Africa, while it’s worth a fortune elsewhere.

Do you wonder why this stalk is costly or why is it this important or what is it used for? 

Your questions are as good as mine.

The corn stalk is mostly used in the cosmetic industry. It is one of the ingredients.

Also, the corn stalk is 100% vegetable, that is, it’s bio-degradable. It is mostly a formula for natural cosmetics for the facial and other parts of the body.

Ointment and other cosmetic products acts as exfoliator which is the ability of these products to remove dead cells from the epidermis so that the skin is extremely smooth and radiating.

More so, other usage of these corn stalk include production of charcoal, animal feeds, biofuel (as the world is moving towards green energy), veterinary pharmacy, etc.

Going back to natural products will protect our body from the destructive chemicals posed as cosmetic products coming into the global market by the day.

When next we buy a cosmetic product, ensure it’s made from natural products and our body will thank us for it.

This alone will make you have a rethink each time you finish earning a corn. Start making money from corn stalks.  

People are making money from just thinking out of the box and you are also endowed with such thinking capability to do the same.

I hope this guide was helpful in teaching you how to turn corn stalk to wealth within minutes.

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