4 key secondary schools in Ado LGA of Benue State

4 key secondary schools in Ado LGA of Benue State: Education is the key to success, and this is the beginning of liberating man from slavery and uncivilized engagements.

The quest for knowledge makes nations to venture into educating her populace, even states as well as local government are not left out.

Different theories on education are on the internet for everyone to read, ranging from the believe that man is ready to accept change by what he’s been taught to liberation and salvaging an ailing society.

With education, people can come up with ideas to innovate, create, and establish standard laws, rules, and civil society where rule of law is obeyed and development possible.

Therefore, many countries, especially Nigeria started welcoming western education and Benue state as well as its local government, especially Ado local government is not left out.

With the influx of westerns into the Benue valley, many schools came on board, to enlighten and teach people the more ideal way of living and doing things.

The Ado local government receives the Westerners and many schools were established to salvage them from crudity and archaic ways of doing things.

4 key secondary schools in Ado LGA of Benue State

Subsequently, schools such as Government College Utonkon, Methodist High School Igumale, Government Secondary School Ulayi and Government Secondary School Agila are the most prominent in terms of longevity, academic performance, moral and rich school curriculum.

To have a glimpse about these important schools and what they stand for, ensure you read to the end and also drop a comment where necessary.

Secondary schools in Ado LGA of Benue State

Government College, Utonkon

This is co-educational secondary school situated at Utonkon community in Ukwonyo ward. The school is one of the oldest in the local government which means prominent Nigerians have attended the school due to the quality of education one can get from the school.

This is a public school with well-established classrooms with classroom facilities such as chalkboard, desk and chairs, calendars and other facilities that make learning conducive for the students as well as qualified teachers who take on subjects in their respective field.

The school currently has over 1,000 students and the school fees is afforadable since it’s in the suburb of Utonkon in Ado Local Government Area of Benue State. This school was once a Teachers’ college, but now a secondary school.

The school is very easy to locate as it is the first settlement of the local government immediately after its neighbouring local government, that is, the Otukpo Local Government Area of Benue state. The school is also known for excellent performance in BECE (basic education certificate examination), SSCE ( senior secondary certificate examination) such as WAEC (West African Examination Council), NECO, (National Examination Council) and NABTEB (National Business and Technical Examination Baord).

Methodist High School, Igumale

This school is one of the oldest situated in the heart of the Ado Local Government’s Headquarters, Igumale.

This community is next to Utonkon and it houses prominent people from the local government, which obviously attended the school. Among them include Professor Jenkari Zakari Okwori https://www.pressreader.com/nigeria/daily-trust-saturday/20140322/282089159721704

4 key secondary schools in Ado LGA of Benue State

The school is a co-educational school established by Missionaries in 1967, but taken over by the Federal Ministry of Education in Nigeria as a public school.

It has over 1,200 students in both boarding and day, and also ensures the school facilities are conducive for learning, which includes clean classroom blocks, science laboratory, library, football field and serene environment.

There is a venue for student from the community and other local government such as Otukpo, Okpokwu, Oju and even Ebonyi state.

Being a school in the local government headquarters, you sure to see many students from across the neighboring communities attending the school.

Most importantly, is the way the first principal, Mr. Mc Elderry ensures every student is academically, morally and ethically sound in every subject, game and club performance.

His way of mentoring the young children, brought glory to both the local government and state at large. It is indeed great having such an academia in place to ensure discipline and academic performance is in top gear.

Government Secondary School, Ulayi

Ulayi is among the communities in Ado local government area of Benue state and it has one of the famous public secondary school, the Government Secondary School, Ulayi.

Just like most secondary schools in Nigeria, the federal ministry of education controls the affairs of the school, with the school curriculum the same as any other government secondary school.

Children from the community get into the school for their secondary education as well as children from other district as it is affordable. It’s a co-educational school, where both male and female attend the school.

Importantly, many Nigerian prominent people also attended the school as it was once a savor for learning, but now the dilapidated state of the school is calling for attention from government and concerned citizens.

Most of the people that passed through the school are highly disciplined due to the method of teaching in the school, extra morals are given to students to enhance their performances in state and national examinations.

The school also allows extra curriculum activities such as football, clubs and volleyball for, especially the female students.

High school building entrance. 

4 key secondary schools in Ado LGA of Benue State

Government Secondary School, Agila

This is located at the extreme of the local government sharing borders with Ebonyi and Enugu states. This shows that students from these two states also attend this government school in Agila, due to its proximity to their environment.

It’s a coeducational school with well-structured classrooms, library, laboratory, a standard football field and other recreational places.

The school ensures learning is a priority and groom students for better representation in state and national examinations, as well as lay the foundation for higher learning in the future.

Also, prominent people attended the school and though, crisis engulfs the place for a while, the school is still in existence, with over 1,300 students in attendance per session.

The school, with all its glory, is among the best government schools in Ado local government where learning of vocational skills such as hand craft, painting and cultural artifacts were taught since time immemorial.

Final thoughts

Have ever wondered why government schools of before are better than the current government schools around? The curriculum was rich then compared to now and this curriculum makes the students of old standout in terms of academic performance, exposure, discipline and sense of responsibility.

This is no small feats for the 4 key secondary schools in Ado Local Government Area of Benue State, Nigeria.

The standard back then was impressive and great. What really happens now is seeing government schools in the shadow of its own self, where classrooms are dilapidated, no serene environment for learning, indiscipline and low academic performance.

The federal ministry of education of Nigeria have to overhaul the government secondary schools around, change the curriculum to meet international best practice in terms of education and offer conducive environment for learning, facilities that will enhance learning and encourage and motive teachers to teach well.

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