6 Major Strategies of Search Engine Optimization Secrets

6 Major Strategies of Search Engine Optimization Secrets: For proper content marketing, Search Engine Optimization strategies ought to be effectively used. Content Marketing can be said to be the creation and marketing of contents digitally. Content marketing correlates with other forms of internet marketing because it creates a base for them. It is content you are promoting on social media. You don’t just optimize search engine without a content. Even your email must have content in it else you’re sending empty emails.

Since a market refers to any place buying and selling can take place, and wherever people can be found, exchange can also take place, the internet has become a whole new market place. The basis for internet marketing therefore involves finding new ways to reach customers. It involves expanding your online presence and reach.

Contents should be search engine friendly else, there will be very hard to locate on the internet. There are several contents on Making Money Online for instance, so, a particular write up on that topic, if not optimized on search engine, will rank low.

6 Major Strategies of Search Engine Optimization Secrets

Techniques In Content Marketing:

  1. Keywords: Keyword(s) is a word or group of words you want to be associated with your content. Keyword density refers to the number of time a keyword appears on a page. Search engines mark as spam contents that keywords appear too excessively. It is advised that keywords should appear in a percentage of 1 to 3 percentage.
    That is; Number of times a keyword appears/Total number of words used.
  2. Headings: Use the heading most appropriate for the post. Note, you are marketing, so put to consideration what will catch people’s attention but don’t forget that it should be related to what the body is about.
  3. Highlight Interesting Points: Use bold and italics to highlight interesting points. Words in bold and italics are considered to have value by the search engine.
  4. Match The URL to The Title: If you can, then make the URL to be similar with the title.
  5. Content Syndication: It refers to publish a content on a third party website or blog, and then publishing it on your own website or blog.
  6. Repurposing Content: This refers to creating different formats for a single content.

The above techniques of 6 Major Strategies of Search Engine Optimization Secrets, are some used by search engine optimization experts. And I will say emphatically, there are very powerful search engine optimization techniques. As a blogger, search engine optimization skills can help you earn more money online with your blog.

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