Conflict among staff in Workplace: Things to know about it

Conflict among staff in Workplace: Things to know about it: Conflict is bound to happen among staff in workplace. This is because every staff is from a different background and he or she is having different temperament.

Organizing oneself is always encouraged so that conflict may not be a reoccurring issue at work.

How does conflict among staff in workplace emanate?

At a giving disagreement, people tend to express themselves through agitation and speaking in loud voices. This is coming after the angrier party has assumed worst and wants to express him or herself. While the other is maintaining their calm and not even uttering a word letting the angry party voice out all they feel and think.

The two employees do not agree with each other concerning a work issue; the female employee views the male employee as all-knowing since he does not give the female employee a chance to explain her perspective concerning the work issue. 

This makes the work engagement between the two employees escalate to uncontrolled conflict making the female employee furious and leave the meeting.

Does it go through differentiation and integration stages?

No, the conflict does not go through differentiation and integration stages. It only goes through the differentiation stage. 

The two employees differ concerning a work issue but disagree. 

The male employee does not allow her counterpart to address her point of view.

The fact that the conflict lacks an instance where the two parties agree demonstrates that it does not go through an integration stage. 

One party in the dispute seems to win while the other party loses. 

What moves and countermoves do parties use, and how do these moves affect the course of interaction in the conflict?

Assuming the worst. 

The male employee assumes what the female employee is saying will not work even without listening to her explanation (Kantola Training Solutions, 2022). 

Due to this, the female employee becomes agitated and leaves suddenly without agreeing with her counterpart. Since they were unable to agree, the course of their interaction came to a halt without them finding a solution to their differences. 

Failure to control emotions. The female employee fails to contain her feelings in the conflict. 

She becomes agitated and furious over what the male employee had told him. However, the male employee takes things calmly when the conflict erupts, and he is ready to engage with the female employee though he leaves furiously. 

The female employee’s countermove affects the course of their interaction negatively. 

How do relationships among the parties influence the conflict among staff in workplace?

The strained relationship between the two employees influences their conflict negatively. 

The male and female employees do not have a cordial relationship among themselves. 

The lack of a good relationship between themselves makes the conflict escalate. Good relationships between employees ensure that they can understand each other and find common ground to solve their differences . 

The strained relationship between the two employees makes it hard for them to settle their differences calmly. 

Although their manager is present in their discussion, they fail to show respect to him, and they continue to disagree on a work issue without any fear of their manager.

Do you think the conflict interaction changed their relationship?

No, I do not think the conflict interaction changed the relationship between the two employees. Since their relationship was not close, their conflict interaction only worsened their interaction.

When there exists a good relationship between employees, the employees will find a way to settle their differences and come to an agreement even when a conflict arises. 

What is the climate of the situation, and how does it affect the conflict interaction?

The climate of the situation is tense since the two employees have different perspectives concerning their work issues.

The tense climate between the two employees makes it hard for the employees to interact peacefully.

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