Generation Z: Solar Ironing cart invented by 14-Year-Old Girl

Generation Z: Solar Ironing cart invented by 14-Year-Old Girl: This is one of the innovations that needs commendation as a girl of 14 years invents Solar-Powered Ironing Cart so people will stop ironing their clothes with charcoal irons.

Every school, especially secondary/High school is beginning to welcome the idea of teaching young children how to think, create and invent things that will make life easier.

With their young minds, a lot of ideas can fit in and reproduction of great inventions and innovations is the end product.

This is the case of a schoolgirl from India who invented this special iron which is environmental friendly. 

With a fight against climate change, an invention of such is a welcome idea. 

Obviously, this girl, Vinisha Umashankar from Tamil Nadu, a south Indian state came up with this mind blowing invention and is being celebrated world over.

This, according to her, was born through her observation of excess use of charcoal irons which contributes in deforestation.

Shopping Cart with Solar Panels Roof – Color Background – 3D rendering

Because you need to cut down trees, burn until it turns to charcoal.

Therefore, the fight against climate change in Asia (especially India) and will span to everywhere in the world, has received a boost following this remarkable invention of a solar-powered ironing cart by a young entrepreneurial and innovative girl. 

Her singular aim is to fight climate change with her invention.

Accordingly, this ideas was born out of research work done by her, the Tamil Nadu resident told BBC News.

Generation Z: Solar Ironing cart invented by 14-Year-Old Girl

She reports how charcoals contributed to climate change, as well as contributed to air pollution and deforestation. And these lead to respiratory diseases in human beings. 

This iron can work for up to 6 hours nonstop if it’s well charged. 

Also, solar energy can be stored in batteries, the iron box of the ironing cart can last up to 6 hours when well charged by solar power. It is also expected to last for more hours with an increased number of batteries. 

This truly is the future! People pour accolades on Vinisha Umashankar for this wonderful invention. 

With the right guidance and funding, this innovation will go viral and different countries will adopt and use it.

With its ability to be climate friendly, it is the duty of every one now to seek environment friendly solution.

I strongly believe a lot more will be done by this generation; Generation Z.

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