Get grant for education within and outside Europe: Education liberates people from poverty, uncivil behaviours and ensure they grow both intellectually, socially and developmentally. With the involvement of government and NGOs to shoulder tuition fees of young students who are ready to excel academically, has allowed more youth to seek for education within and outside Europe.

This type of help comes in form of grants to pay for education costs and other expenses. The grant may come from government, Non-for-Profit Organizations, religious groups, and other private sources.

However, there are requirements needed to access these grants. Once a student meet the requirements, he or she is given the aid to help in his or her academic pursuit. And the good is, the grants are usually free of charge; meaning you don’t have to pay back.

These grants come in form of tuition fees, accommodations fee, feeding, research and development and other expenses they will make a student concentrate on studies without worrying on how to pay tuition fees or other expenses.

To ensure students access these funds, financial aid office is established and the payment of grant is in tranches. Because there is a maximum amount a student can access for each semester throughout the study duration in school.

Do you wish to access funding opportunity for your studies abroad? Read further to find full information about the available funding opportunities.


(1) International Agricultural Education Fellowship Program (CA)

This grant helps student in the faculty of agriculture to ensure the access the right funds for research in agricultural related topics.

The IAEFP is designed and located at the Department of Agriculture, Foreign Agricultural Service. The funding amount is $1,000,000 only. Funding Number: USDA FAS 10619 0762 10 22 0004.


(2)  Master Cooperative Agreement for Natural and Cultural Resource Research, Conservation, Protection, Monitoring, and Education

This is an important grant that supports nature, culture, conservation, and education. If you’re interested in any of the above listed categories, then Master Cooperative Agreement for Natural and Cultural Resource Research, Conservation, Protection, Monitoring and Education is the sure plug.

The department of Interior, National Park Service is responsible for this type of grant. A student can access $500,000 and the Funding Number: P19AS00470.


(3) National Genetics Education and Family Support Center

Research in Genes and compatibility is important so students who want to further their studies can get grant from national genetics education and family support center.

The department of health and human services, health resources and services administration is responsible for this kind of grant. The grants depends on the severity and priority.

This means you can access even more when the research is tasking and peculiar.

Get grant for education within and outside Europe

(4) Environmental Protection Agency

With the ozone layer depletion and other natural disasters, research in environmental protection is necessary and whooping sum of $5,500,000.


(5) The Namibia Mechanism for Public Health and Medical Education (NAM-PHAME)

The NAM-PHAME gives grant to students who are interested in public health and medical education. The department of Health and human services, center for disease control helps in funding the research in these areas.

This is for participants to find emergency plan to eradicate HIV/AIDS from the country.

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(6) Interpretation, Education, Volunteer and Youth (IEVY) Fellow Programme

This programme helps students access grant that will help them in educational pursuits including interpretation, volunteering and education within and outside Europe.

When you have a flair for interpretation roles, IEVY is your sure plug and you can access as high as $40,000 at a time.


(7) Develop and Print Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail Teacher Education Packets

Teaching children about history is essential. So, it is necessary to train teachers in the aspect in order to relinquish such knowledge to the next generation.

For the history of a particular country or region not to be totally forgotten, Develop and Print Selma to Montgomery National Historic Trail Teacher Education Packets is here to help prospects who a ready to pick up carry in History. 

The department of the Interior, National park service is responsible for the funding and one can access up to $45,495 at a go.


(8) Environmental Education Program and Urban Refuge Initiative

Ozone Degradation and other natural disasters are eaten deep into the fabric of the earth and finding ways to tackle it, is a priority to every nation.

The department of interior, Fish and Wildlife service is responsible for the funding of $70,706 under the umbrella of environmental education program and urban refuge initiative.

It is therefore important that wildlife extinction and encroaching are happening around the world and when people who are mindful of nature take up research in that regards, they should be supported.

Final thought

The information here is comprehensive about getting grant for education within and outside Europe. Every country wants her citizenry to be educated in order to bring growth and development.

But a country cannot sponsor all students, thus the idea of grants from governments, and NGOs was birth. Parents are happy that their children are getting help to study since the cost of education is becoming higher by the day.

It’s ideal to have everyone who can access such grant accountable both academically and rationally.

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