Learn how to earn on social media by reading this article.

It should be worthy of notice that, the new world, or new age as anyone could call it, is with us, and new careers are created. One of such roles of a social media manager, who, in the simplest way, could be seen as one who manages social media accounts, pages or handles as the case may be.

This person could be managing for others or for himself. This article will explain to you ways a social media enthusiast could get paid.


Ways To Earn On Social Media

The first way a social media manager could earn is by exchanging his service money, thereby, becoming a freelancer. And that means charging to manage pages, accounts and handles for others.

The fee is determined majorly by his performance. He could start with a little fee, and if he can impress his client, ask for a raise. He could earn anything from N15,000 for a single account monthly.

Next way to earn is by managing your own accounts. Platforms like Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube all pay content creators for their contents. The payment can be regarded as a share in the advertisement revenue they receive with the content creator.

But that is one of the several ways to make money. You can be an affiliate marketer, referring people to products and earn commissions.

Drop-shipping is another way to earn. It involves selling products you have not bought as though you have them, and when they pay you, you purchase the product and send to their address. You could also be a blogger, sharing your blog posts to your social media accounts and get paid via ads. This one requires Search Engine Optimization skills in order to make it more profitable.

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The ways to earn as a social media manager can be limited only by your capabilities to engage audience and get them rally around your online platform. And also, to get clients to trust you so much that they hand over their accounts to you, and pay you to manage the account.

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