How to live on campus after Orientation/Matriculation Ceremony

How to live on campus after Orientation/Matriculation Ceremony: The school of reference, Benue state University, Makurdi, Nigeria is informing students, the university community and the general public about matriculation.


Matriculating students are to further note that all days for the orientation and matriculation ceremony are lecture free days for them.

This is to give them adequate time to participate fully in these events for their own good while in the university.

Living on campus after Orientation/Matriculation Ceremony

Orientation and matriculation ceremonies are mandatory for all fresh undergraduates of the university.

In another development, this is one of the important events every fresher should know.

This ushers them into the university culture, the dos and don’ts, available associations in the schools such as NFCS, FCS, campus fellowship, FMS (Fellowship of Muslim Students), readings groups, athletics group, etc.

Also, freshers are new in the environment and there are lots of bad eggs in the society.

The number of people they mingle with determine their behavior in the end.

More tips on how to live on campus after orientation/matriculation ceremony

People are from different home background, environment and culture.

Peer pressure can cause people to join certain association without their consent.

Know when to say ‘No’ to the demands of people. 

Set your goals and aspirations right from the onset. Endeavor you set your priority straight from the first day at school.

Know when to read and do much research and not wait until during exams.

Learn to join healthy association that can boost your immune system and rejuvenate your mind, body and soul and can help you achieve your goal.

If you want to graduate with a second class upper division or First Class, the goal is set right from 100 level.

Know the least grade you should have before you achieve the set goal.
How to live on campus after Orientation/Matriculation Ceremony
If you want a First Class for instance, most or almost all of your grades must be “A” (Distinctions) and to achieve that, you need hard work, determination and resilient, and focus. 

Try to exercise to keep fit, live a healthy life, join association to increase your I.Qs such as Jet club, Phycology group, Literary club, etc.

Learn to do everything in moderation. 

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