How to prepare Bitter leaf soup as a business owner

How to prepare Bitter leaf soup as a business owner: Bitter leaf is one of the essential vegetables with health benefits. 

Everyone should at least feed on this vegetable once in a while.

The leaf helps in cleaning the system and purifying the blood for proper functioning of the body.

The bitter leaf soup is a bit bitter and we know what bitter things do to the body.

The bitter leaf soup is also a delicacy that families, especially Nigerian families and, particularly the Igbo speaking area of the country prepares and does it very well (ofe Onugbu).

How to prepare bitter leaf soup without stress? Join in the procedures I am going to outline below.

Ingredients for Bitter leaf soup the Nigerian way

Fresh pepper

½ kilo of Meat

1 big Sardine Fish

1 big dried fish

Some pieces of Kpomo

Bitter leaf

Palm oil 


Seasoning cubes


Procedure for Preparing Bitter leaf soup

Step 1

Pound the pepper in a molter

Pour the cocoyam in a pot and cook till it is tender.

Thereafter, peel the back of the cocoyam and pound in a molteruntil it is smonth.

Pour it in a plate and keep aside

Step 2

Boil the meat, kpomo, stock fish and sardine fish together in a pot.

Add seasoning cubes, pour adequate water and start cooking.

Once it is done, your sieve from the water and keep aside.

Step 3

Put dried fish in a bowl, wash and add water to soften before removing the bones from it.

Subsequently, clean and remove the bones. You can use a brush to clean the fish before removing the bones by breaking the fish into pieces.

Then, break into pieces and keep aside

Step 4

Pour the water from the boiled meat/sardine fish/stock fish/kpomo into a new clean pot and put on fire.

Gently pour the water so that the bones don’t enter the pot.

Next, add grinded crayfish, pepper and ogiri (Locust beans).Bring to boil. 

When it boils, add the dried fish, the sardine fish, stock fish, kpomo and meat.

Step 5

After 10-20mins depending on the heat from the burner, add the cocoyam into the pot and add palm oil.

Allow to cook for a while. Then add the bitter leaf. The bitter leaf must be properly washed.

Cook till the cocoyam is done and the bitter leaf is tender.

Step 6

Add seasoning cubes (like Maggi, Knor, Doyin, Chef, Gino, Ajino moto, etc) and salt to taste.

After some minutes, it is ready.

Step 7

Serve with any Nigerian swallow like Semo, Akpu, Amala, or Pounded yam.

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