Solar-powered Wheelchair was invented by 3Nigerian Graduates

Solar-powered Wheelchair was invented by three Nigerian Graduates: Creativity is the mother of invention. This is evident in recent times as more people are beginning to invent a whole need things to the world.

This milestone is making life easier, this time for disabled people.

Trio graduates of the prestigious University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria built a wheelchair working with solar-power and voice-control to move.

The investors are from the faculty of Engineering, mechatronic engineering department and they opined that “the wheelchair is their final year project in the university”.

The project is to aid people living with mobility disability and this aims at relieving them of pains (from quadriplegia) and discrimination.


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The investors are talented and their names are Ugochukwu Stanley, Stella Onyinyechukwu and Collins Oyomare. Many people commended them on their innovative mindset and encouraged them to not depart from the potential they have inside of them.

They revealed that most of the materials used for the projects were gotten from debris and local materials, but for only the voice recognition device which was gotten from an online shopping mall, Ali Express. 

Ugochukwu, one of the three days the chair can also be charged using electricity and the sun, describing it as a hybrid project. 

They reveal the ordeal faced in designing the special wheelchair. These include getting the machine to recognize their voices. 

The joy it will show on the faces of people to use it will be glaring as the innovation is modern and creative. The trio reiterated that “Instead of depending on a caregiver, this device would be useful to the disabled,” they said. 

Importantly, they need the support of government, NGOs and philanthropists to enable them produce this project in large quantities for distribution and sales. That’s money to the economy if you ask me.

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