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Massiaifc Privacy Policy. This website does not collect user information of any sort and will never store information of readers on the site.

This website does not collect user informations of any sort and will never store

information of readers on the site.

Massiaifc website is solely for the purpose of educational contents alone and

providing unlimited updates from the education industry especially coming from

Chigago. The Author is a profound scholar and understand the measures applied to

owning a website as this. Therefore no part of this website is for any other purpose

othan educational contents and news around educational perspectives.

We are always updating the website on a daily basis and should be notified if any

part of the website has demanded for a capture of any user details as this is not

part of the operation of Massiaifc. As according to Massiaifc Privacy Policy,

All age categories are able to consume

the content on and with no restriction the website is very

unique with its rich and valuable contents that profer educational guide and prompt

correspondence from the educational sectors alone.

Feel free to digest the content of the website and observe caution while applying our news and updates to your usage and withdraw all concerns afterwards using our website whether the website has stored back any of your system files or information as a result of the usage because we will not engage in any form of data collection on the massiaifc website.

The following categories are able to use our content on this website without any conditions.

Non-Technology User Base Readers

Advanced and Intermidiary



Males and Females

Finally, You are not obliged to any subscription on compulsion on this website for using our website as this is very optional and may not be necessary as we have continuously stated the non active use of data collection which is not part of our operations on website